Saturday, June 29, 2013

My Country , Of Thee I Bead! * REVEAL*

Before i went to Indonesia, my home country for summer vacation , i decided to participate on this International blog hop event .
It's called  My Country , Of Thee I Bead ,and lot's of participant from around the world joined this event.
This event is hosted by Nan Smith from Canada.

Actually ,it's been a while since i enjoying beading in my spare time , but i never join in any International event like this before, ..i just started my blog about 4 month ago :-D (yes....i am a beginner). So... this is my first International event ever ..
I am so excited and nervous....

Well , for now...i am living in the United States , but originally i am Indonesian .Little bit about my home country ,  Indonesia is located in Southeastern Asia, an archipelago ( comprising approximately 17.508 islands ) between the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. And we have about 300 ethnic group , and each of them has their own cultural identities . For this challenge ,  choose to use my National flag colors , my home country, Indonesia. Which is known as "Bendera Merah Putih " (The Red and White flag") . In Indonesia , those two color , red and white has powerful meanings , the red color stands for courage, and the white stands for purity .

Lot's of idea buzzing around in my head , but unfortunately...during my summer vacation in Indonesia..i didn't have much time on my beading table , there was lot's of thing to do besides beading...
So i decided to make something simple but still pretty...
Finally , i made this Red and White Cellini Bracelets for this event..
I used red, white and peach color of beads  in different sizes and add nothing else...:-D

Two national flag Gudo lampwork beads on the picture were some of beads swap sent from my lovely partner Lili Krist in Tukeran Manik Yuks...

Thanks to Nancy Smith for hosting this event...
And here are the list of all participant...Enjoy and have fun to visit their blogs

Nan Smith (host): Canada

Dini Bruinsma: The Netherlands

Stephanie Weiss :  USA

Ana Cravidao (ACBeads) : Portugal

Vera:   Germany (USA)

Delilah:             Romania

LiliKrist:                            Indonesia

N Vakentine Studio :  Canada

Karin:                                Calgary, Canada

Diah Anggreni :         Indonesia

Karen :                                 Australia

Cath Thomas :                    Switzerland

Asri Wahyuningsih :     USA

Crysalis Jewelry Design                                              Denmark ( Canada)

Jasvanti Patel:         USA

Lola:              USA

Beccy Peterson           Sweden (USA)

Paula Hisel :    USA

Inge von Roos:                Germany

Laurie Vyselaar:     USA

Toltec Jewels:    USA
Anindita Basu:  USA


  1. Beautiful bracelet! You may call it simple but it looks quite complex to me. gorgeous beadwork and you represented your country really well. thanks for sharing and joining in my first blog hop.

    1. thanks was my pleasure to participated on your blog hop...

  2. Asri..... it is beautiful...and representing our flag in such a lovely it very much....

    1. thanks mb Diah...hidup Indonesia hehe....

  3. your bracelet is beautiful. i love what you did with your flag for inspiration

  4. your bracelet is very beautiful! I love the glass beads too

    1. thank you Cath Thomas...that glass beads are my treasure,i love them too..

  5. Hi, Asri! You've designed a very beautiful bracelet taking inspiration in the colours of your flag. While reading your post I was a bit surprised when I read the Indonesian word for flag: bendera. The Portuguese word for it is bandeira. Can you see the resemblance? I'm a new follower to your blog. Enjoy your weekend. Ana

    1. Hi Ana...thanks for following my blog ...i am following yours too..well I think Indonesian word adopted lots from Portuguese..such as Sepatu for shoes...(sapatos in Portuguese)...
      well it's gonna be a long story about the colonialism era LOL..

  6. cantiiik mb.....jd pngen blajar embroidery beading... :)

    1. thank you mb Tanti...gak ikutan challenge ini ya?

  7. Asri,

    So beautiful! Your beadwork for Indonesia is a gorgeous -- such a wonderful bracelet! The soft peach is a lovely addition to the red and white: it softens and accents the Red and White Cellini Bracelet perfectly. And how nice of you to include the pretty beads from Lili :)

    Happy Blog Hopping and Beading,

  8. That's a beautiful bracelet and I love the colors. Indonesia is high on my list of places I want to visit.

  9. Cellini is always complex...and the result is so gorgeous =)

  10. This must be very difficult to make, is my first reaction when looking at your bracelet! I like the elegance and the soft colours... Great job :-)

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