Monday, November 18, 2013

Faux Lapis Lazuli

I started touching Polymer clay in early October and I really loving it. I am so fascinated that we actually can make lots of thing using Polymer Clay. So I joined this  Facebook groups about a month ago. This group is called Polymer Clay Collective. I met lots of wonderful and talented polymer clay artist in these groups. This month they hosting a challenge called the Faux Challenge. The rules about this challenge are we have to make something out of polymer clay using any faux technique.

decided to make faux stone for this challenge. And I am thinking I probably could use the beads for my beading embroidery one day.After searching for any faux tutorials, I found one tutorial in Youtube that I am sure it would fit with my beginner skilled. So here there are my first Faux Lapis Lazuli.

 And here is another picture my Faux Lapis Lazuli from Polymer clay. Yaaayyy....


  1. Gorgeous, Asri! I do love lapiz, blue is my absolutely favorite color. And welcome to the crazy world of polymer clay. It grabbed ahold of me 12 years ago and I'm still addicted! You're sure to have lots of fun making all kinds of fun beads.

  2. thanks for your encoraging word Ginger.I wish i knew about polymer clay earlier though :-D