Saturday, September 28, 2013

2nd Tantang Dirimoe ....

It has been busy month this September ...
As i told you before , i decided to joined in 3 kind of challenges..
The first one is Indian Summer Challenge....
And for the second challenge is held by Manik Jawa , it's called  2nd Tantang Dirimu ( Challenged yourself ) Please klik here , for more information..

Batik Truntum Gurdo

The Picture above is our inspiration . Batik Truntum Gurdo is a famous motif in Java . On traditional wedding ceremony , the Parents always wear Batik Truntum Motive .
This motive is symbolized of parents will give the couple an example and also guidance so the newlywed can have a happy marriage.

There are also some prizes up for grabs...:-D

So i made a necklace based on Batik Truntum Gurdo as an inspiration .

The Gurdo Necklace

I used Brown and Black Czech Glass seed beads no 11/0 ,Gold Czech glass beads no 10/0 , natural freshwater pearl , cabochon stone and soutache braid . 

I was going to put plain chains in my necklace , but i made spiral rope instead...

And for the toggle clasp , i made my own beaded toggle clasp....

Hopes the jury going to like it and choose me as a winner :-D

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