Thursday, September 19, 2013

Fall is coming....

It's September already !!!!!
And i never updated my blog since i returned from our Vacation in Indonesia mid August....shame on me...
Here and now,i will take a pledge that from now on, i will be more productive in my writing. Ooh boy...that just sounds like my daughters pledges !!
Since we returned to South Bend from our vacation, me moved to another apartment in our same building. Same building or not, packing and unpacking is still not an easy job. And i continue with my daily obligations,      i prepare my daughter for her school ( she is in the third grade now ), i help my husband with his teaching schedule ( well he doesn't need my help that much!! ) and i have to prepare my self  as i continue my quest to perfect my English by joining English class.

Although i haven't updated my writing, i have managed to update my jewelry collection. Last week, i made this pin/brooch. Pretty isn't it !! Notice the tiny cluster of chunk beads at the lower right.

And also check out this Soutache pendant. Notice the strong colors and the unique design. This pendant is a favourite of many of my friends.

And this one...I created this cute and whimsical necklace with materials sent by my dear partner in Tukeran manik Yuukks .

So what do you think? Can you you feel the Autumn spirit yet?...:-D
I hope i can keep the spirit flowing....


  1. Three beautiful necklaces, each in its style. Do keep up your good work and don't worry about blogging much because life is much more important. Have a nice day, Ana