Sunday, October 27, 2013

Second Annual Octoberfest Reveal

Greeting Everyone....and Welcome to My Octoberfest Reveal...

I always love everything about October because that's mean Autumn is just around the corner. The Air is fresh and crisp, and the Leaves on the tree became Yellow, Red, Orange and Plum. Everything looks beautiful and that is a wonderful experience to me, since we don't have that in my home country, Indonesia.

We lives on campus in University of Notre Dame, South Bend, Indiana. We have a favorite place for evening walk close to our Apartment. That is Saint Mary's Lake. There are so many ducks and geese on the lake, also some swans. We also allowed bringing some bread to feed ducks and geese,this picture below is my husband feeding the ducks...yeah it was on Wnter...:-D

And sometimes we just taking a walk along the path around the Lake. Or sometimes we just sat on the bench, watching the sunset. It's just so peaceful , sitting on the bench on the edge of the lake...watching the sunset below the horizon.

This year, is our second year living in Notre Dame,Indiana,USA . And we had wonderful Halloween Celebration with our friend . They invited us to come to their house and we went trick or treating on the neighborhood together. And off course we also sharing foods, since most of them are American, they made delicious American food and i brought this Indonesian appetizers. In Indonesia we called this Lemper (Steamed Glutinous Rice filled with chicken and wrapped in banana leaves).There was a funny story about this food when i brought this to our gathering. All of our friend almost ate The Wrapper ( Banana Leaves) and i think some of them did :-D , they didn't knot that we not supposed to eat that banana leaves. They thought, it was some kind of Sushi , well it is looks like sushi indeed. Well, i knew it was all my fault i should give them explanation in advance. Eventhough it was their first time ate Lemper and they actually loved it, they said " I love this Indonesian Food ".

 And here she is our precious 8 years old daughter with her costume witch/fairy. She wanted became a witch but after she saw the wings she wanted to be The Fairy. She just could't choose between Witch or Fairy, so i told her " you can wear them altogether dear , there is no rules about that ".

And last , but not least i would like like to share my new handmade jewelry. Just about this early October i started playing with Polymer Clay and some wire. I am still new to both of them, usually i would make embroidery stitching or bead weaving, but i wanted to try something new this time. Actually i had a lot of fun exploring and playing with Polymer Clay colours. And, here it is my Polymer clay beads and Pendant handmade by me...

Autumn Spirit Neclace

Thanks to Rita for hosting this wonderful Second Annual Octoberfest Blog Hopping, i am so happy participating in this event.
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Thank you for hopping to my blog and have a beautiful day and happy Halloween.

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