Wednesday, December 11, 2013

4th Annual Ornament Blog Hop

I was little bit nervous when I decided about doing this challenge. It's called Ornament Blog Hop. I never make holiday ornaments before. All of my family are Muslims, including me, and in our Holidays we do not use ornaments to decorate the house. But, since we live in United States, I have been invited to some Christmas dinner in our friend’s house and that was wonderful experienced to me. I got a chance to see family gathering on Christmas, I can saw their Christmas three with all beautiful decorations and sparkling ornaments. I also got some present!!  That was making me surprised. I am not the part of the family, but still, my family (me, my husband and my daughter) got a present for each of us with our name on it.
Here there are what I made for this Challenge. Please tell me if I didn't get it right on track for the Challenge.

I saw beautiful Holly Wreath on our Main Entrance in our apartment building, so I decided to make one bead from polymer clay, that I am hoping looks like Christmas Wreath.

We have lots of Pine tree outside our apartment. So I decided to make this polymer clay bead with decorated pine tree.

My daughter loves making snowman, so I decided to make this snowman beads. Well, I had lots of fun making ornaments. I already gave the Holy Wreath ornament and the Snowman Head to my friends who celebrate Christmas. And I wish u all have a very Merry Christmas.

This picture was taken yesterday at Tippecanoe Restaurant. I just need to have a picture with this festive Christmas tree :-D

PS : Thaks to Art Bead Scene for hostin this blog hop, and please visit here for another blog hop participants.