Wednesday, December 11, 2013

4th Annual Ornament Blog Hop

I was little bit nervous when I decided about doing this challenge. It's called Ornament Blog Hop. I never make holiday ornaments before. All of my family are Muslims, including me, and in our Holidays we do not use ornaments to decorate the house. But, since we live in United States, I have been invited to some Christmas dinner in our friend’s house and that was wonderful experienced to me. I got a chance to see family gathering on Christmas, I can saw their Christmas three with all beautiful decorations and sparkling ornaments. I also got some present!!  That was making me surprised. I am not the part of the family, but still, my family (me, my husband and my daughter) got a present for each of us with our name on it.
Here there are what I made for this Challenge. Please tell me if I didn't get it right on track for the Challenge.

I saw beautiful Holly Wreath on our Main Entrance in our apartment building, so I decided to make one bead from polymer clay, that I am hoping looks like Christmas Wreath.

We have lots of Pine tree outside our apartment. So I decided to make this polymer clay bead with decorated pine tree.

My daughter loves making snowman, so I decided to make this snowman beads. Well, I had lots of fun making ornaments. I already gave the Holy Wreath ornament and the Snowman Head to my friends who celebrate Christmas. And I wish u all have a very Merry Christmas.

This picture was taken yesterday at Tippecanoe Restaurant. I just need to have a picture with this festive Christmas tree :-D

PS : Thaks to Art Bead Scene for hostin this blog hop, and please visit here for another blog hop participants.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Non Blogger/Blogger 10th Challenge ~ The Sea Garden

The Sea Garden

Welcome to my post for Non Blogger/Blogger 10th Challenge in Bead Soup Cafe facebook groups. The hostess for this event is Esterina Mestoko Jagiella, and she choose a beautiful picture above, taken by Dinink Sonia as picture inspirations for the challenge. 

And here it is my entry for the Challenge.

"Blue Sea Soutache Necklace"

 I made this soutache necklace with some polymer clay beads handmade by me. Can you see the star fish, two cute fish and beaded turtle?

If you like my necklace please kindly give your like here.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Faux Lapis Lazuli

I started touching Polymer clay in early October and I really loving it. I am so fascinated that we actually can make lots of thing using Polymer Clay. So I joined this  Facebook groups about a month ago. This group is called Polymer Clay Collective. I met lots of wonderful and talented polymer clay artist in these groups. This month they hosting a challenge called the Faux Challenge. The rules about this challenge are we have to make something out of polymer clay using any faux technique.

decided to make faux stone for this challenge. And I am thinking I probably could use the beads for my beading embroidery one day.After searching for any faux tutorials, I found one tutorial in Youtube that I am sure it would fit with my beginner skilled. So here there are my first Faux Lapis Lazuli.

 And here is another picture my Faux Lapis Lazuli from Polymer clay. Yaaayyy....

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Second Annual Octoberfest Reveal

Greeting Everyone....and Welcome to My Octoberfest Reveal...

I always love everything about October because that's mean Autumn is just around the corner. The Air is fresh and crisp, and the Leaves on the tree became Yellow, Red, Orange and Plum. Everything looks beautiful and that is a wonderful experience to me, since we don't have that in my home country, Indonesia.

We lives on campus in University of Notre Dame, South Bend, Indiana. We have a favorite place for evening walk close to our Apartment. That is Saint Mary's Lake. There are so many ducks and geese on the lake, also some swans. We also allowed bringing some bread to feed ducks and geese,this picture below is my husband feeding the ducks...yeah it was on Wnter...:-D

And sometimes we just taking a walk along the path around the Lake. Or sometimes we just sat on the bench, watching the sunset. It's just so peaceful , sitting on the bench on the edge of the lake...watching the sunset below the horizon.

This year, is our second year living in Notre Dame,Indiana,USA . And we had wonderful Halloween Celebration with our friend . They invited us to come to their house and we went trick or treating on the neighborhood together. And off course we also sharing foods, since most of them are American, they made delicious American food and i brought this Indonesian appetizers. In Indonesia we called this Lemper (Steamed Glutinous Rice filled with chicken and wrapped in banana leaves).There was a funny story about this food when i brought this to our gathering. All of our friend almost ate The Wrapper ( Banana Leaves) and i think some of them did :-D , they didn't knot that we not supposed to eat that banana leaves. They thought, it was some kind of Sushi , well it is looks like sushi indeed. Well, i knew it was all my fault i should give them explanation in advance. Eventhough it was their first time ate Lemper and they actually loved it, they said " I love this Indonesian Food ".

 And here she is our precious 8 years old daughter with her costume witch/fairy. She wanted became a witch but after she saw the wings she wanted to be The Fairy. She just could't choose between Witch or Fairy, so i told her " you can wear them altogether dear , there is no rules about that ".

And last , but not least i would like like to share my new handmade jewelry. Just about this early October i started playing with Polymer Clay and some wire. I am still new to both of them, usually i would make embroidery stitching or bead weaving, but i wanted to try something new this time. Actually i had a lot of fun exploring and playing with Polymer Clay colours. And, here it is my Polymer clay beads and Pendant handmade by me...

Autumn Spirit Neclace

Thanks to Rita for hosting this wonderful Second Annual Octoberfest Blog Hopping, i am so happy participating in this event.
Please also visit another Octoberfest artists below
Thank you for hopping to my blog and have a beautiful day and happy Halloween.

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Toltec Jewels (Rita, your hostess)

Saturday, September 28, 2013

2nd Tantang Dirimoe ....

It has been busy month this September ...
As i told you before , i decided to joined in 3 kind of challenges..
The first one is Indian Summer Challenge....
And for the second challenge is held by Manik Jawa , it's called  2nd Tantang Dirimu ( Challenged yourself ) Please klik here , for more information..

Batik Truntum Gurdo

The Picture above is our inspiration . Batik Truntum Gurdo is a famous motif in Java . On traditional wedding ceremony , the Parents always wear Batik Truntum Motive .
This motive is symbolized of parents will give the couple an example and also guidance so the newlywed can have a happy marriage.

There are also some prizes up for grabs...:-D

So i made a necklace based on Batik Truntum Gurdo as an inspiration .

The Gurdo Necklace

I used Brown and Black Czech Glass seed beads no 11/0 ,Gold Czech glass beads no 10/0 , natural freshwater pearl , cabochon stone and soutache braid . 

I was going to put plain chains in my necklace , but i made spiral rope instead...

And for the toggle clasp , i made my own beaded toggle clasp....

Hopes the jury going to like it and choose me as a winner :-D

Friday, September 27, 2013

Indian Summer Challenge

Hello Everyone...
As i promised to myself...i will try to be more productive this Fall...So...i joined in 3 kind of Challenges.
The first one is this....The Monthly Challenge of The Bead Shop Liverpool called Indian Summer (a heat wave that occurs in the autumn ) .
For more information about this challenge please klik here .
And it entry for Indian Summer Challenge...

Autumn Gudo Necklace

I used  red Gudo lampwork beads, Red and orange natural stone beads and some gemstone chips .
All of my materials are from Indonesia , those pretty petal Gudo lampwork beads are handmade by Manik Jawa .

Monday, July 1, 2013

Tukeran Manik Yuks...

Hello semuaaaa...

Sebenarnya awalnya agak ragu untuk mengikuti acara yang diselenggarakan oleh Manik Java  ini , karena selain waktunya agak mepet dengan waktu kepulangan ke Indonesia pada tanggal 31 Mei 2013, juga merupakan ajang tukar menukar manik yang pertama saya ikuti .
Agak khawatir juga , bisa nggak menyelesaikan project itu nanti , soalnya sudah sign up buat acara yang lain juga :-D . Dan lagi , banyak banget acara libur summer kali ini .
Tapi , setelah konsultasi dengan penyelenggara acara , mengenai pengiriman manik yang akan ditukarkan dll, akhirnya berani juga untuk mengikuti acara ini..
Mengenai peraturan dan lain2 bisa dilihat di Tukeran Manik Yuks..Kulinari Nusantara pokoknya seru deh...
Dan akhirnya saya dan partner saya mendapat makanan ala Jawa Timur yang lezaat ini...
Yaitu Rawon

Sedangkan patner saya di event kali ini adalah mb Lili Krist , yang sudah mengirim beads yang jumlahnya segambreng alias banyaakk sekali....hugs...

Rinciannya sudah dijelaskan mb Lili Krist di sini sekali lagi makasih buat mb Lili yg rajin menulis satu persatu mengenai jenis2 beadsnya . Saya yang beginner ini jadi semakin banyak pengetahuannya tentang aneka macam beads . Dan sepertinya mulai sekarang bakal lebih sering memperhatikan jenis2 beads . Karena selama ini saya termasuk jarang memakai beads aneka macam dan yang terbuat dari aneka material .

Akhirnya , saya berhasil membuat beberapa kreasi dari kirimin patner saya ini , dan masih sisa buanyaaakk hehe...Saya lebih banyak mengambil ide warna coklatnya dari Rawon dalam sebagian besar kreasi saya kali ini...

Yang pertama , saya membuat sepasang anting cantik dari " air dry connector clay " handmade by FABs .
Saya kreasikan  clay cantik ini dengan tali soutache dan manik pasir hingga jadilah seperti foto dibawah ini...

Kemudian saya bikin juga sebuah kalung , dengan memakai polybrown - polymer pendant handmade by e Klei jar , coconut penta beads and tiger-eye gemstone chip , tali soutache dan manik pasir berbagai ukuran.

Penampakan kalung seutuhnya...mirip rawon gak ya? hehe...

Nah...itu dia kreasi saya di " Tukeran Manik Yukss.." ...semoga bisa ikut serta lagi di lain waktu...
Buat my Lovely patner mb Lili Krist , thank you so much....

Saturday, June 29, 2013

My Country , Of Thee I Bead! * REVEAL*

Before i went to Indonesia, my home country for summer vacation , i decided to participate on this International blog hop event .
It's called  My Country , Of Thee I Bead ,and lot's of participant from around the world joined this event.
This event is hosted by Nan Smith from Canada.

Actually ,it's been a while since i enjoying beading in my spare time , but i never join in any International event like this before, ..i just started my blog about 4 month ago :-D (yes....i am a beginner). So... this is my first International event ever ..
I am so excited and nervous....

Well , for now...i am living in the United States , but originally i am Indonesian .Little bit about my home country ,  Indonesia is located in Southeastern Asia, an archipelago ( comprising approximately 17.508 islands ) between the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. And we have about 300 ethnic group , and each of them has their own cultural identities . For this challenge ,  choose to use my National flag colors , my home country, Indonesia. Which is known as "Bendera Merah Putih " (The Red and White flag") . In Indonesia , those two color , red and white has powerful meanings , the red color stands for courage, and the white stands for purity .

Lot's of idea buzzing around in my head , but unfortunately...during my summer vacation in Indonesia..i didn't have much time on my beading table , there was lot's of thing to do besides beading...
So i decided to make something simple but still pretty...
Finally , i made this Red and White Cellini Bracelets for this event..
I used red, white and peach color of beads  in different sizes and add nothing else...:-D

Two national flag Gudo lampwork beads on the picture were some of beads swap sent from my lovely partner Lili Krist in Tukeran Manik Yuks...

Thanks to Nancy Smith for hosting this event...
And here are the list of all participant...Enjoy and have fun to visit their blogs

Nan Smith (host): Canada

Dini Bruinsma: The Netherlands

Stephanie Weiss :  USA

Ana Cravidao (ACBeads) : Portugal

Vera:   Germany (USA)

Delilah:             Romania

LiliKrist:                            Indonesia

N Vakentine Studio :  Canada

Karin:                                Calgary, Canada

Diah Anggreni :         Indonesia

Karen :                                 Australia

Cath Thomas :                    Switzerland

Asri Wahyuningsih :     USA

Crysalis Jewelry Design                                              Denmark ( Canada)

Jasvanti Patel:         USA

Lola:              USA

Beccy Peterson           Sweden (USA)

Paula Hisel :    USA

Inge von Roos:                Germany

Laurie Vyselaar:     USA

Toltec Jewels:    USA
Anindita Basu:  USA

Monday, May 27, 2013

Black and White Soutache Embroidery

I just want to share my piece here , before off to my country Indonesia , on Friday .
I cannot wait to do packing , because we have to leave the Apartment early on Friday morning . And everything need to be clean and neat. So , still tons to do...:-D
Actually , i already finished this project , couples week ago...Still want to add something on it...
But still not sure about where to add , i guess i am happy with  it ... at least for now..

And here i am with the Necklace...:-D , with my daughter behind me...she refused to be in the picture LOL

Monday, May 6, 2013

Cellini Bracelet

Senengnya....sudah masuk bulan Mei...
Selain karena suhu sudah mulai hangat di Notre Dame , bulan ini kami bakalan mudik ke Indonesia ....yaaayyyy....:-D
Sudah mulai menyusun list apa saja yg mau dikerjain waktu pulang nanti...buanyaaakkk banget.
Semoga semuanya lancar.....

Ok...sebelum beres-beres perlengkapan crafting , saya juga sudah bikin list apa saja yg mau dikerjain di bulan Mei ini . Salah satunya mengerjakan project satu ini , yang sudah bikin penasaran berbulan - bulan pengen dikerjain .
Sudah lama juga memperhatikan teknik stitch satu ini , yang namanya menurutku sih kayak makanan hehe...Cellini stitch . Akhirnya , berbekal video tutorial di Youtube saya belajar membuat gelang dengan tehnik " Cellini stitch ".

Bahan-bahannya yaitu seedbeads berbagai ukuran . Saya pakai ukuran 15/0 , 11/0 ,10/0 dan 6/0 . Warna yang saya pilih kebetulan bukan warna Spring hehe...soalnya cuma mengandalkan stock seedbeads yg ada saja...Setelah berkutat selama 3 hari , akhirnya jadi juga gelangku ini...

Friday, April 26, 2013

Beaded Bicycle Keychain

Morning All...
Hampir selalu sama sapaan saya di setiap posting tulisan hehe...soalnya selalu bisa blogging ketika putri kecilku sudah berangkat sekolah dan suami sudah berangkat kerja .
Saya membuat karya ini sebagai entry untuk Monthly Challenge di Indonesian Crafter , yang bulan ini April temanya Sepeda / Bicycle . Sebenarnya saya pilih Airplane waktu polling untuk tema bulan ini , tapi apa daya kebanyakan memilih sepdea hiks hiks...* soalnya sudah ada bayangan mau bikin apa kalau temanya pesawat* .
Tapi bukan tantangan ya kalau menyerah hehe...akhirnya saya bikin sepeda ini , walau mungkin bentuknya agak lucu hehe...

Bahan- bahanya dari tali warna cuklat , kerang berbentuk bulat , beads 6/0 , dan seedbeads 11/0 .

Soutache Earing Tutorial

Hallo crafter...masih semangat berkreasi kan?
Beberapa hari yang lalu saya sudah share foto bross soutache ini , kemudian pengen juga bikin set anting2 dan kalungnya juga . 

Nah , hari ini saya mau bikin tutorial DIY buat bikin anting2nya...cukup mudah...
Yukk kita mulai...
Mulai dari bahan bahannya dulu , kita perlu soutache braid , seed beads 11/0  , 2 glass pearls  8 mm , 2 beads 6/0 , benang , selotip , gunting ,dan  kaitan anting2 

Langkah pertama , potong soutache braid 30 cm , satukan 3 ketiga-tiganya seperti foto di bawah ini .

Setelah dirasa cukup kuat , masukkan 8mm glass pearl di tengah soutache braid seperti ini.

Kamudian bentuk seperti ini ,usahakan benangnya selalu tersembunyi , bisa diselisipin diantara soutache braid .

Nanti hasilnya akan seperti ini , kemudian ambil beads 6/0 , dan lingkari dengan soutache braid seperti difoto. Setelah itu ambil seedbeads 11/0 untuk menghias bagian soutache braid diatas beads 6/0 .

Kemudian potong sisa soutache braid , di bagian belakang anting2..Kamudian hias seperti foto dibawah ini dengan seedbeads 11/0 .Dan pasang kait anting2.

Maka jadilah anting2 cantik untuk melengkapi bross  :-D

Selamat mencoba ....

Friday, April 12, 2013

Soutache Embroidery Jewelry

Sudah seminggu ini hujan , hujan dan hujan terus tiap hari ,'s supposed to be that way isn't ?
Biasanya setiap hari saya selalu menyempatkan diri untuk jalan-jalan sebentar mengelilingi Kampus Notre dame ini , tapi karena hujan khirnya seminggu ini cuma bisa "ndekem" di rumah saja hehe...
Akhirnya bongkar2 persediaan crafting yang ada , masih punya supply beberapa Cabho stone dan soutache braid . saya putuskan kembali utak-atik di meja craft :-D
Jadilah  karena hujan , banyak project yang bisa terselesaiakan ,hasilnya saya berhasil bikin bross ,dan pendant ini .
Yang pertama adalah bross bermotif bunga ini , berbahan Soutache braid , Cabho stone dan seedbeads aneka ukuran...

Juga satu lagi hasil karya minggu ini , yaitu Pendant yang berbahan masih sama yaitu Soutache braid , Cabho stone dan aneka seedbeads..

Kalau yang satu dibawah ini adalah hasil karya beberapa minggu lalu , ikutan nampang yah...:-D

Lumayan untuk menambah koleksiku :-D...

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Simple brick stitch earing

Spring spring spring.......
Bulan Maret sudah mau selesai , tinggal menghitung jari saja...And spring almost here...
With spirit of spring , i would present this earing... :-D

Sebenarnya saya masih belajar dengan teknik brick stitch ini , biasanya saya lebih suka dengan teknik peyote stitch seperti waktu bikin gelang - gelang ini .
Tapi setelah mulai pakai teknik brick stitch pada waktu bikin Native american earing  
sepertinya saya mulai suka dengan teknik satu ini . Buat yang belum familiar dengan teknik ini , kalian bisa lihat di sini  .
Awalnya designnya seperti ini..

Tapi karena terlalu banyak juntaian dibawahnya jadi kurang rapi , akhirnya saya bongkar.
Saya putuskan untuk membuat bentuk belah ketupatnya menjadi lebih besar . Dan beginilah hasil akhirnya hehe...lebih simple...:-D .