Monday, March 31, 2014

Monthly Challenge March 2014 * Reveal Day*

I signed up for this challenge in very last minute, I did not think that I could make it in time. But the theme of this challenge is too Interesting I could not help myself I had to signed up.
The Picture Inspiration of the challenge is here :

Bride and Groom
Indian wedding style
You can read about this challenge here including the information about that picture.
What I love about the Indian Wedding besides their dresses is the bride's henna or mehndi. It's amazing how they decorated their hand in such a beautiful way.
I found a beautiful picture of Indian henna or mehndi here.

Look at her hand,pretty isn't it?

I decided to incorporate the henna idea with polymer clay into my design. Here it is what I have came up at first. I made this simple pin/brooch using my handmade polymer clay and using some brown and white seed beads.

But after a couple of days I decided to put more ruffle on the beads embroidery and this is the result.

Please also visit here to see another participant creations.
Happy beading!!!


  1. the details =)
    The funny thing is...your polymer looks so yummy, just like marshmallow hihihi
    I think you put the wrong link on "Please also visit HERE"...cause when I clicked it, I am direct link to Super Stylist India Wedding.

    1. Hahaha yes it looks like marshmallow. The problem already corrected, thanks you !! :-)

  2. This is beautiful, the details of your cabochon are amazing and the bezeling really reminds of these henna drawings. Amazing!

  3. Dear Ashri, Congratulations! You won the giveaway of the book, 1000 Beads, at my blog. Please write to me at to give me your full name and address. Please be sure to have a street address (NOT just your PO Box),! Your book will be delivered promptly by the publisher and it is BEAUTIFUL! Yay! jean

  4. You did a fantastic job, love the bead work around your cabachon and yes it looks much better with just that little bit more. Congratulations on winning the giveaway.

  5. Your polymer clay work is wonderful.

  6. The cabochon is very it very much and also love the henna....